Meet the Cast

Ed Crankshaft and Pickles

Ed Crankshaft

You never know which Ed Crankshaft you're going to get -- the irritable one, the angry one, the upset one, or the plain old garden-variety grumpy one. Regardless, they're all an act designed to cover up his soft, sweet side. Obviously, he's got an Oscar coming.


Pickles is Ed's cat.


The Family

Ed’s daughter, Pam Murdoch, and his son-in-law, Jeff Murdoch, are part of the Sandwich Generation … which means that they get stuck with all of the baloney.

Murdoch kids

Max and Mindy

Ed Crankshaft's grandkids, Max and Mindy, have a lot in common with their grandfather. Like Ed, Max and Mindy both like to listen to the TV at 160 decibels … and they never listen to a thing that Pam and Jeff say.


The Neighbors

Lillian and Lucy McKenzie are two spinster sisters who have lived in Crankshaft's neighborhood for ages.


Morgan and Chase Lambert

Morgan and Chase Lambert are a young couple who have just moved into the neighborhood. Despite their age differences, they have one thing in common … Ed Crankshaft drives them crazy.


The Mecklers

Ralph Meckler is Ed's best friend. Helen Meckler is Ralph's wife.

Bus garage crew

The Bus Garage Crew

Although on the surface their existence seems to be fun and games, the lives of the bus garage crew are fraught with peril … mainly from drinking Lena’s coffee and trying to eat her brownies. They’re a dedicated bunch who put in endless hours of practice … which is why their bowling team is in first place. Lena is the manager of the bus garage where Ed Crankshaft works. Andy is a bus driver and Crankshaft's co-worker.

Lois and Angel

Lois and Angel

Lois is Ed's girlfriend. Angel is a teenage, single mother and a Rough Rider.

Rocky and Bill

Rocky and Bill

rough riders

The Roughriders

The roughriders -- Marcus, Shane, Cobey and Severo -- from Teddy Roosevelt High School are the toughest, most difficult kids in the district, which is why they’ve been assigned to Ed’s bus … and why you have to feel sorry for them.